Kevin B. Hays Fire Consulting, LLC is a multi-disciplined Forensic Fire and Explosion Consulting Company. We offer origin and cause fire and explosion investigations for a multitude of different scenes. This includes the investigation and consulting of fires and explosions which include, among others, the following:



  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi Residential

Secured Laboratory Facility


Our secured facility was designed with examination and testing of evidentiary items in mind. Our climate controlled laboratory consists of 3,000 square feet and will accommodate inspection parties and training opportunities alike. We also offer the facility to interested parties to facilitate laboratory inspections which we are not directly involved in the investigative phase. This service also includes the assistance of our Fire / Evidence Technician for the duration of your examination. Please give us a call to see how the usage of our facility could potentially benefit the inspection of your evidence.

Evidence Collection, Handling and Preservation

We also provide expert collection, handling and preservations of artifacts of interest and or evidence items. We offer handling and property maintaining evidence for both criminal and civil cases. This includes collection, handling and preservation of evidence which we are not directly involved with rendering any opinion as to the incident itself. We offer complete collection and preservations of evidence to provide a unbiased party to assure the item(s) remain with a neutral party with expertise to assure the items and evidence is properly maintained.


  • Recreational
  • Commercial

Propane & Natural Gas

  • Industrial plants
  • Bulk distributions
  • Tank farms
  • Private storage tanks
  • Distribution piping and systems
  • Fittings, couplings and valves
  • Regulators
  • Appliances and components


  • Passenger
  • Multi-Passenger
  • Commercial
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Recreation Vehicle (RV)

Consulting & Case Review

  • Peer and expert case review
  • Review of expert documentation
  • Review of case materials
  • Review and examination of evidential items
  • Expert testimony and legal support
  • Training and educational programs