Propane and Natural Gas Fire and Explosion Investigation

Investigation of Fire and Explosions involving liquefied petroleum (LP) and natural gas (NG) often require specialized knowledge, training, and equipment. We at Kevin B. Hays Fire Consulting, LLC possess those specialized skills and have extensive experience with evaluating, testing, and analyzing LP and NG fuel gas systems which have been involved in fires and / or explosions. This includes analyzing the entire fuel gas system. We begin at the fuel tanks and thoroughly inspect the supply piping, tubing, fittings, components and appliances. We bring the expertise to the incident site to evaluate the entire fuel gas system. Further examination of the artifacts and evidence is often analyzed in the laboratory. We at Kevin B. Hays Fire Consulting, LLC have specialized training in evaluation of the LP and NG fuel gas systems and components. We have completed State and industry sponsored training, and successfully passed a written comprehensive examination to obtain our Gas Dealer Certification, which we continue to maintain. We review codes, statutes and manufacture documentation to evaluate the totality of each incident involving fuel gas fires and explosions.