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Welcome to Kevin B. Hays Fire Consulting, LLC. We are headquartered in Central Florida, and operate a satellite office in Lake City, Florida, and provide forensic origin & cause fire and explosion investigations, along with expert consulting for fire and explosion cases. We also specialize in fuel gas fires and explosions involving liquefied petroleum (LP) and Natural gas systems. We are happy to provide work for individuals, organizations, legal counsel, the insurance industry and manufactures alike. Our goal is to provide quality fire and explosion consultation on every case. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your case and providing you with detailed analysis and results.

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Kevin B. Hays


In 1992 Kevin began his career with Jefferson County Fire Rescue in Monticello, Florida. During his tenure he was promoted to Fire Lieutenant. He supervised fire and emergency operations and was responsible for the origin and cause investigation of fires throughout the county. Early in his career he became involved with live fire instruction and training. He coordinated and conducted numerous live fire operations to include vehicles and residential structure fires. Kevin became an instructor at the Lively Fire Academy which was located in the neighboring Tallahassee, Florida. He assisted with providing instruction to new fire recruits in the area of firefighting tactics and strategies. Many of the live fire exercises, which he coordinated and assisted, involved training fire personnel in fire behavior, dynamics and attack methods. He continued attending many fire investigative courses and seminars, as well as attending college to complete his degree in Fire Science.

In 1997 he moved to the larger Tallahassee Fire Department.  Kevin was quickly tasked with the responsibility of conducting fire and explosion investigations throughout the county as a certified law enforcement officer and was recognized as the Florida Fire Investigator of the Year in 2003 by the Florida Fire Marshal’s Association. He continued to instruct students and professionals as a designated high liability instructor at Tallahassee Community Colleges Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy. As an instructor at the Law Enforcement academy he focused on fire fighting, hazardous material, and fire and arson investigation as well as post blast investigation. In 2004 Kevin’s career turned to the private sector of fire and explosion investigations. Since that time, he has investigated fire losses throughout the United States. Kevin is extremely passionate about his profession and his attention to detail has earned him the respect of his peers throughout the fire investigative community.

He continues to improve upon his skills and attends numerous training and specialty courses. He has also been involved with field testing and research. Acquiring his LP Gas Dealer Certification in 2008, he specializes in fire and explosions involving fuel gas incidents. He’s been involved with testing and evaluation of fuel gas systems with residential and commercial structures. He’s also had been involved with evaluation of appliances and gas component failures. Kevin is a member of numerous professional organizations and has served as an active Board Member for the International Association of Arson Investigators Florida Chapter. Kevin continues to provide education instruction and seminars and has become an accomplished instructor in the industry of fire investigation providing instruction to both the private and public sector.