Fire and Explosion Origin and Cause Investigations

Fire and Explosion Origin and Cause

The investigation of fires and explosions is a complex endeavor and can be extremely challenging. Before the cause of the fire can be determined the fire origin must be identified. This requires that the investigator possess basic knowledge, skills and abilities to perform such a task. However, we at Kevin B. Hays Fire Consulting, LLC go beyond the basics. We have the background, training, education and skills to provide advanced evaluation and analysis of the fire and explosion scene. The identification of a fire origination is of great importance in this systematic process. Once the fire origin has been accurately determined then possible, competent ignition sources can be identified and evaluated as part of the scientific method. Further examination is often employed utilizing scientific and technological analysis to assist in properly identifying the fire causation and potential responsibility. We at Kevin B. Hays Fire Consulting, LLC pride ourselves on having extensive seasoned backgrounds while staying current in the evolving and challenging profession in order to provide our clients with the expertise which are relied upon.